Afina CEO to Speak at IFT Expo on Global Food System


Afina CEO David Godfrey-Thomas will be speaking at the IFT FIRST conference July 10-13, 2022, in Chicago. 

IFT FIRST (which stands for the Institute of Food Technologists and Food Improved by Research, Science and Technology) will bring together the world’s leading food technology companies to answer critical questions around the challenges and opportunities of meeting the nutritional needs of our growing population.

As one of the biggest B2B food expos, IFT will be hosting dynamic thought leaders and speakers for multi-session conversations and diverse perspectives representing all aspects of the ‘Science of Food’ community. David will speak Tuesday, July 12 at 2:00 PM CDT on, “Rearranging the Dominos: How Food Development Is Responding to Inflation and Supply Chain Challenges.”

The panel will discuss how despite the challenges of geopolitical uncertainty, soaring inflation, and supply chain disruptions, CPG, ingredient, and startup companies are applying creativity, innovation, and science to food product development. Moderated by Food Technology magazine contributing editor Dale Buss, “Rearranging the Dominos” will also feature the following co-panelists:

  • Ken Harris, Managing Director at Cadent Consulting Group
  • Jeff Grogg, Managing Director at JPG Resources
  • Gary Iles, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at TraceGrains

Additionally, Afina’s Chief Strategy Officer Benjamin Leavenworth will be participating at the expo as an attendee.

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Afina CEO David Godfrey-Thomas
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