About Us

What We Do

Afina International is a business building team designing and executing growth strategies, investing in and accelerating commercialization for companies which solve global problems. 


We support companies seeking growth in the pursuit of innovations throughout the human-environmental ecology including the enviro-nutritional food cycle from consumer food products, food technology and human nutrition to water solutions and scalable regenerative agriculture. We partner with Life Sciences pioneers to advance the technological development and availability of human healthcare solutions alongside bio-technology entrepreneurs inventing eco-sustainable solutions to restore a healthy planet.


Afina is built on a network of trusted global relationships derived from the collective multi-decade, four continent international business experience of its partners and its specialty teams. These close relationships and specialization enable us to leverage great efficiencies in relationship-driven international commercialization, technological collaboration, and capitalization of growth. Today, Afina has the privilege of working with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and companies around the world, accelerating the development and commercialization of transformative technologies, strategies and products, adding top line revenues and creating enterprise value.

Our Vision

To create and execute business, investment, and commercialization strategies for companies and investors seeking profitable commercial enterprise while solving global problems and achieving positive social impact. 

Our Team

David Godfrey-Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Alexander Ortiz
Chief Investment Officer
Benjamin Leavenworth
Chief Strategy Officer
Malou Innocent
Chief of Staff