Afina International Chief Investment Officer Alexander Ortiz will lead a discussion with fellow members of the Pacific Pension and Investment Institute at the PPI Summer Roundtable Investing in a World Reshaped, July 13-15, 2021.

Mr. Ortiz, along with the Head of Macroeconomic and Market Research at Cbus, Leanne Taylor, will lead the PPI group discussion, “Are We at the Beginning of a New Commodity Supercycle?” The session will discuss Wall Street’s renewed interest in commodities and why that excitement appears fairly broad-based across the entire commodity complex:

  • What has been driving this renewed interest?
  • At the ground level, have the major commodity-exporting economies, such as Australia, Canada, and those in Latin America, observed any confirming signs, e.g. foreign exchange rates, labor market trends, etc.? 
  • Will this renewed interest last long enough to be dubbed a “supercycle”, i.e. a decade or longer? If so, how might long-term investors express this view in their allocations?

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